Sunday, July 16, 2006

Last but not least, this is the photo of a sweater I'm currently working on. The pattern is from Jaeger & the yarn is Trinity. If you've never seen Trinity before, it's a cotton/silk blend, and it is the lightest yarn I have ever seen! This should be a TRUE SUMMER SWEATER, it weighs next to nothing. It's turning out quite nicely but the finished pieces did not photograph well, so maybe once I get the sleeves done & sew it up, I can try for another picture. Now, off to do some more knitting!

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janelle said...

Can't wait to see this one completed. Would be interesting to actually weigh it on a scale, I don't think it would register at all. Even my hot natured self could get away with wearing this in the summer, hummmmm maybe I'll steal it. Working on my list of all the items I will steal when you leave me the key to your house for your next will do that won't you???????? =)