Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Here is my oatmeal cardigan, finished! I can't believe it fits & looks so nice for my first handspun sweater! I am so happy with the way it turned out, now the weather is warm & I won't get to wear it here in FL until November!! There were a few revisions to the pattern, I did not put patterning on the sleeves but just left them plain. I made the body an inch longer as I am 5'9" & usually have to make things longer, the sleeves were re-done with a much more gradual increase so they are more fitted than the pattern called for. Other than that, it was done according to the pattern, size 42. I haven't figured out the total yardage I used yet, but I will be adding a page in my spinning journal with all the specs about WPI for singles, plied, twist ratio, yardage used, etc. & will maybe edit this post then to include all that info. Right now I just love looking at this sweater!

The button needs to be moved slightly so it doesn't gap, or something else needs to be done here to eliminate that gap but otherwise it's great! The buttons were perfect, & they were the only ones at JoAnn Fabrics that there were enough of without having to place a special order. I am so glad they worked out as I was READY to finish this thing up & try it on!

The back looks so COOL! I love the patterning & simple design.
I can't wait for the weather to be cool enough to wear it, maybe a morning or two yet, who knows? They are having snow in ND alternating with 60 degrees (that's where my mom lives), I plan on taking it when I visit this summer. The ND weather is definitely unpredictable!


Pat said...

Your handspun sweater is beautiful! Isn't it fun?
I just finished my 1st handspun sweater too (no pictures yet) and luckily it's still cool enough in MA to wear it!

Kathy... said...

Love your sweater - and your entire blog for that matter. I am a new spinner also, and currently working on my first sweater. Hope mine comes out as nice as yours. I admire that you started with the fleece - carded it and the whole process is totally YOURS! Congrats! I am thinking about getting a drum carder - so will be interested watching your posts. They appear very informative. Again - beautiful sweater!