Friday, March 12, 2010


This is the batt rolled onto the empty paper towel roll. This one probably weighs about 3 oz.
This is some of the waste that I don't want to card into the batt, mostly knots & second cuts where the shears didn't get close enough the first time so they made a second cut. The fibers are really too short to do anything with, so it will go outside for the birds to use in their nests.
This has been run through just once. It can be split & run through several more times to make sure it is fully blended & smooth, it's up to you. I will probably run this through twice & call it good.
I roll it onto an empty paper towel roll for ease in removing the batt.
The fiber has been split at the seam in the drum carder & is ready to be removed.
Here I am starting to take the fiber off the drum after carding.
Here I am feeding in some fibers to be blended. They get teased lightly before entering the licker in drum. Several layers can be put on the drum carder, this one has a really nice brush on it that helps pack the fibers down nicely & makes a smoother batt.
This is the drum carder my hubby got me for Christmas, a Straucht Finest, it's the bomb! (He really did good, huh? I mentioned this but never thought I'd actually get it & I was really surprised!) It is really great for blending & carding fibers. Recently I used it on the shorter fibers left from combing my BFL fleece.

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fibermaniac said...

Nice fluffy batt. I have a Strauch Finest also. I think they are just awesome drum carders.