Tuesday, February 23, 2010


This gorgeous yarn from the combed fiber is destined to become a beautiful sweater for me!!!!
Lovely singles waiting to be plyed into a 2-ply yarn. I believe I had 16 bobbins spun in total.

Bat made with the drum carder & the shorter fibers left from the combing process. Equally lovely, just a different preparation from combing. There are several of these, at about 3 oz each, they will be used for another project.

This is the "waste" from the combing process. Combing removes the long fibers, then the short fibers that are leftover can be further cleaned, run thru the drum carder to make a bat, and anything that cannot be used in a bat can be put out in the yard for birds/squirrels to use in their nest-making, or it can be used to line the bottom of plant pots to hold moisture longer in the heat, or it can be used in felting projects. Nothing is going to waste here, which is way COOL!

More locks, sorted & ready for their bath. There were lots of locks to sort & wash!

A single lock, the staple is 4" long, perfect for combing.

Getting ready for a bath in Dawn dishwashing liquid & a lingerie bag.

Before all the combing, this is what the fiber looked like straight off the sheep--her name is EweNika! There was over 4 pounds of fiber, so it took me 5 weeks to get it all washed & combed. I mainly do this on the weekends.

This is a photo of EweNika, she is the all white sheep. Her fleece is destined for greatness!

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ewespecial said...

Really good photos of progress to spin yarn. This was one lovely fleece!