Sunday, March 25, 2007

Shawl is DRY!!

The shawl is now dry & you can check it out. It turned out so well, and I'm so happy with it. I think it will be a very functional shawl, just the right weight without being too heavy, nice to grab for taking the dog for a walk in the evening when you need just a little something.

And speaking of dog, here is a new photo of my girl, Molly. She's such a doll, well behaved & sweet as can be. She had her 8th birthday in January. Hard to believe we've had her that long.

Well, until next time, happy knitting to you!


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Abby said...

What a precious little doggie! I have a completely random, out of the blue question. Fay sold some *gorgeous* natural colored alpaca (cream, gray, light brown, etc) in relatively large skeins, a dog's age ago. I have mine still but I don't know the weight or the yardage. I *think* it might be sport weight, and I *think* it might be about 600 yards - but there's no telling. I'm fairly sure you got some, and Donna got some, and Terri got some. If you have any clue as to this yarn, I'd be forever in your debt!


Abby (the girl formerly of Tallahassee, who had the weight loss surgery - DharmaLemon on ravelry)